June 22 | Adelaide Cabaret Festival | Adelaide, Australia

My Assettes

Below is a sampling of The Assettes that Lady Rizo has and continues to share the stage with:

The Assettes were started in 2005 by Amber Star Merkens and Amelia Zirin-Brown as a way for extraordinary dancers, musicans, puppeteers, magicians and comedians to combine forces in a new entertainment genre they called caburlesque.

A diva is nothing without her collaborators. Lady Rizo is lucky to have worked with a large family of artists in NYC and beyond. She considers them all her “Assettes” and far more valuable than any material item. This list is a sampling of the incredibly talented performers who have shared the stage with Lady Rizo.

Amber Martin- Singer
Beats Antique- Live Organic and Electronic DJ
Bernie Davis- Drums
Bianca Leigh- Singer
Brady “Sparkle” McDonald- Original Assette
Brian Newman- Singer, Trumpet
Carla Rhodes- Rock & Roll Ventriloquist
Cole Escola- Singer, Comedian
Corm Mo’- Singer, Songwriter
Daniel Isengart- Singer
David Berger- Drums and Percussion
Dawn Landes- Singer, Songwriter
Erin Lenox- Comedienne
Ethan Zirin-Brown- Bass, Rapper, DJ, MC
Fuscia Foxx- Burlesque
Gabriel Gordon- Guitar
Geo Wyeth- Singer, Songwriter
Harvest Moon- Contortion, Acrobat
Indigo Blue- Burlesque
Inyang Bassey- Singer
James “Tigger!” Ferguson- Burlesque
Jeff Pierce- Trumpet
Jen “The BaronAss Von”Harmer- Original Assette
Jillian “GiGi BonBon” Hollis- Original Assette
Jo Boobs- Founder of New York School of Burlesque
Johnny Gandelsman- Violin
Jon Natchez- Clarinet, Sax, Trumpet and Flute
Julian Fleisher- Singer, Songwriter
Julie Atlas Muz- Burlesque
Justin Vivian Bond- Chanteuse, Songwriter
Kevin Joyce- MC, Comedien, Singer
Kurt Braunohler- Comedien
Laura Dawn- Singer
Legs Malone- Burlesque
Louis Logic- Rapper, Singer
March Fourth- Marching Band
Marty Party- DJ
Media Noche- Burlesque
Michael “Lance Turbo” O’Brien- Bass
Michael Carbonaro- Performance Bizzarist, Magician
Michael Cavadias- DJ, Singer
Mike Daisy- Storyteller
Moby- Singer, Electronic Musician, Guitar
Ms. Tickle- Burlesque
Nelly McKay- Singer, Songwriter
Nicholas Gorham-Performance Artist, Dancer
Nick Hallett- Composer, Pianist
Our Lady J- Composer, Pianist, Singer
Parker Posey- Performance Artist
Peter Russo- Puppeteer
Raven O- MC, Singer
Ray Rizzo- Drums
Reggie Watts- Comedian, Singer
Rob Roth- Performance Artist
Robert Cowie- Piano
Ron Grant- Singer
Scissor Sisters- Disco Pop Band
Seth Herzog- Comedian
Shequida- Singer, Queen
Shien Lee- Singer, Spectacle
Sofia Thom- Dancer
Taylor Mac- Singer, Songwriter
Teodross Avery- Sax
The James Gang- Neo-Vaudvillian Band
The Minsky Sisters- Tap and Fan Dancers
The Yard Dogs- Vaudevillian Rock Band
Thomas Bartlett- Pianist, Composer
Tony Jarvis- Guitar and Sax
Trapper Felides- Pianist, Composer
Trixie Little and Evil Hate Monkey- Acrobatic Burlesque Duo
Vagabond Opera- Vintage Americana Band
Viva DeConcini- Singer, Guitar
World Famous Bob- Professional Blonde Spectacle
Xavier Smith- Singer
Yair Evnine- Cello and Guitar
Yo-Yo Ma- Cello
Yoko Silk- Cello
ZeroBoy- Vocal Acrobat
Zoe Jakes- Belly Dance Superstar

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