by Stano Murin

photo by: Stano Murin


                                                        ★★★★★ "Oh say can she sing..." -The Age ★★★★★

Emerging from the darkness behind the audience in a spangly off-the-shoulder number and a shock of blonde curls, New York cabaret queen Lady Rizo took to the Spiegeltent stage in true diva fashion.

Twisting The Star-Spangled Banner to her own devices - her already husky delivery regularly diverts into animalistic grunts, snorts and growls replete with staged top note struggles not unlike Linda Blair's exorcism - she announced that this was her apology tour. An apology for her very existence as an American in these trying times of the "Pussy Grabber in Chief" that once more has her questioning her bad relationship with her birth nation as the flag hangs upside down in Mayday fashion behind her.

This witty announcement has barely settled before it's flipped. Talking of the show's UK run, Rizo stealthily shifts from a gentle tease about how British people are always apologising for something or other into a full-blown stab at the Empire having plenty to apologise for. And just as that knowing laugh ripples around the wooden, mirrored interior, she twists the knife again, this time sticking it in her hosts, noting that Australia takes a very, very long time indeed to apologise...... -The Music  READ MORE

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"But it’s really all about the songs and that incredible voice. It deserves a full house every night. If this is what a true American apology looks like, all is forgiven..." - Herald Sun

"With big platinum-blonde curls and a ton of sass, Lady Rizo is a compelling performer, and Red, White and Indigo is a well-paced, thoughtful, entertaining show." -Artshub